Anonymity and Who’s Hot in Academic blogging?

August 7, 2007 – Libby Davy – Print

The joys of anonymous (?) blogging. “Oso” gives us a Thinking Blogger’s take on who’s hot in academic blogging. At least from this (circular) point of view.

I guess Thinking Bloggers are allowed to have longer posts, because they are more interesting and indepth ;-) Hmm. Yes and no. A good debate to be had there.

Best that we hear from a wide range of people (you!) as to who’s hot in academic blogging. I’ll be looking out for bloggers from different fields, blogging for different reasons. For research, for teaching, for media engagement.

If you find anything in your travels you think we should be looking at, add a link in the comments here or contact me direct.

Would you relish the freedom of anonymity? What would you do with it? Personally I think it could be hard to maintain, and make it difficult to use your blog in any direct way that contributes to your research or teaching. But there is always the option of offering up to the world more than one blog… more than one identity, more than one self. I’ve got three going at the moment.

Unlike Mr Mingay (who I finally met up with at Sussex last week and cheers to that). More on and from Mr M as we travel along. We can only hope! David says he uses his blog to “pontificate”‘ and patently, to continue the complex and engaging debates from his classes to a different time and space. That’s probably why he is on myspace and facebook. It’s where the kids (and big kids) hang out, innit. Myself included. Make that four blogs, depending on what your definition of a blog is.

Obviously a man comfortable with being himself, in and out of the classroom. Lovely stuff.

Another personal favourite is Dr Esther MacCallum-Stewart, queen of juxtaposition and audience engagement. No wonder she’s doing well in the media. Her recent post on the Public V Private question summarises much of our thinking. Check it out and let’s hear your comments.


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  1. David Mingay on August 7th, 2007 7:09 pm

    Hiya! It was lovely to finally meet up with you too! Do get in touch soon. xx

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